Thursday, March 12, 2015

5 Ideas for a Better Business Card

  1. Portrait Business Cards:  As business becomes increasingly digital your human qualities become more and more of an asset to your business.  Capitalize on this trend by making your business card personal and adding your portrait or a picture of your team.
  2. Custom Shaped Business Cards:  When properly executed a custom shaped card really stands out and makes a lasting impression.
  3. Viral Business Cards: What I mean by a viral business card is one that at it's heart is remarkable and so cool and different that people can't help but share them.
  4. View Finder Business Cards: This concept has been applied to photographers (camera viewfinder), videographers (video cameras), construction companies (clear windows), car dealerships (first person view through the windshield of a new car), and much more.  To work well the concept has to resonate with the businesses product or service.  Whether directly like in the case of the camera viewfinder, or indirectly like the home window. 
  5. Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards: Designing your new business card to look like a credit card is a timeless tactic that has been used successfully over and over for years.  The quality look and feel of our cards tied with the status, class, and value that people associate with a credit card is a winning tactic that will get you not only noticed, but linked with success in your clients eyes.

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